This is a new format for my work so the gallery is small right now.  However, I am working on new images that will be added from time to time.
The prototypes are fragile and are generally recycled into other projects.
The prototypes are photographed with a canon digital 35 mm camera under large fluorescent ultraviolet lights utilizing long exposures and a uv filter. Sometimes the whole prototype is photographed, sometimes only portions of the prototype are captured. Multiple images are often derived from single prototype.
Digital manipulation refers to digital darkroom techniques employed from the software used to process the images. Some images are not changed at all “Ultraviolet”, others like “God’s Fingerprint” have more manipulation.
Images are printed with quality materials and the latest in digital printing techniques. The HP Photosmart 6-color printer prints incredible color prints. The ink and premium photo paper used are archival - light and color fast.
Premium backlit film is also light and color fast. Images appear translucent when the frames are off. When turned on the images become bright and intense and are best viewed in the dark for full impact.
(1) Clear “Frameless” Acrylic Frame - Features state-of-the-art edge-lighting in addition to the backlighting effect. It is lightweight and easy to hang, with a super low profile. While the 8x10 frame runs on batteries, the lighting effect is best when plugged in.
(2) Classic Metal section, Matted Frame - The frame and matte are black, the design of the frame has the look and feel of a regular matted print. However, its high tech backlighting effect makes this frame truly unique.
Each frame has a lighting mechanism hidden within the frame structure.
What is the light source?
The light bulbs are cold cathode fluorescent lamps. The frames are powered by electricity and come equipped with a cord/plug and polarized transformer.
How long do the bulbs last?
The bulbs are guaranteed to last for over 20,000 hours of use.
Can I change the bulbs myself?
It will be years before your bulbs need to be changed. Instructions for changing the bulbs will be posted soon.
How much do the frames weigh?
11" x 12.5" Clear frame - 2.5 lbs
16" x 22" Matted metal frame - 5.5 lbs
CARE/MAINTENANCE: How do I care for the work?
• Handle with care - if dropped the lighting mechanism could be damaged
• Do not hang in direct sunlight
• To insure a longer bulb life - turn off when not in use
ORDERING/SHIPPING: Can I place a custom order?
Yes, please contact me.
When and how are orders shipped?
• Prints are shipped within 48 business hours. Please allow up to 3 weeks for backlit frame orders as frames are not kept in stock at this time.
• Prints are shipped USPS Priority mail
• Backlit frames are shipped UPS 2nd Day Air
Do you accept international orders?
International orders are handled on an individual basis. Please contact me for details.
RETURN POLICY: What is your return policy?

All items are shipped in perfect working order, however if you experience a problem UV Light Studios will take care of it right away provided you do your part:
• Please check the contents of your order as soon as it arrives. If there is a problem notify UV Light Studios immediately as it must be shipped back if the product is defective WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS OF DELIVERY.
• Unless other arrangements are made no returns will be accepted after the designated time period lapses.

•If the frame is found to be defective upon receipt the customer will receive a full refund or replacement.


Museum Quality Prints
Starting at $11


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